The Jesuits set up the Development Office in its General Curia (headquarters) in Rome in July 2007 with the purpose of updating the way Jesuits raise funds to support the mission of the Society of Jesus.  In the Jesuit Region of Malaysia-Singapore, collaborators have come forward to support the Society of Jesus through their contribution of time and effort,
in kind or financial aid.



To support the training of the Jesuits.

On average, it takes about twelve years to train a Jesuit from the time he joins the order to his priestly ordination which usually takes place during the time of his special studies.  The training programme is as follows:

• Jesuit Novitiate - 2 years
• Philosophy (studies) 3 to 4 years
• Regency (full time work) 2 years
• Theology (studies) 3 years
• Special Studies 2 to 5 years
• Tertianship (final training) 6 to 8 months



To support and care for the Jesuits who are sick or elderly.

There are Jesuits who serve the People of God in the missions given to them who may be elderly or sick. It is the responsibility of the Society of Jesus to give them proper medical care. Such expenses can be high. 

Funds are also needed when renovations (and if necessary new infrastructure) are required to make the community residence more accessible. 

Our healthcare expenses also include paying for the health insurance of the active Jesuits, so as to take care of any unforeseen illness and injury.


3. SJ Apostolic

To support the apostolic works of the Jesuits.

The apostolic works of the Jesuits are the Parish, Spirituality and Counselling Centre, Pre-Novitiate, Vocation Promotion and others.

Vocation Promotion helps young people to discern the call of God by journeying with them, giving them Spiritual Direction,organising Vocation Promotion Retreats and Vocation Promotion Gatherings.  We are grateful that there are young people who are inquiring about the Jesuits and some have joined the Society of Jesus.

4. SJ Foundation

To support the establishment of a new Jesuit community.

When Jesuits work in a new place, a new community has to be set up and this includes purchase of land and infrastructure, renovation works, purchase of furnishings and fittings and a library. 

5.  SJ Common

To support the governance of the Jesuits.

The Jesuit Regional Superior and his co-workers (the Socius and Regional Treasurer) work in the Curia (headquarters) of the Jesuits.  The Jesuit Regional Superior governs the Jesuits with the assistance of his co-workers. 

There are expenses incurred in the day-to-day running of the Curia.  These expenses include office equipment & supplies, maintenance and repair, utilities, vehicle maintenance and official travel expenses of the Regional Superior and his co-workers.

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